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Father & Son
Father & Son
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Our services range from helping create a foundation or trust to taking over an existing institution from individuals, families or financial institutions.

Services can include the complete administrative responsibilities of a Trust or Foundation, facilitating certain aspects of a Trust or Foundation or consultation on specific issues.

We can help define what causes or issues one chooses to fund, develop guidelines and create mission statements.

Services Offered:

Individuals or Families

E. H. Robinson Consulting, LLC offers individuals or families who want to create a Charitable Trust or Foundation but do not have the time or the know how, the opportunity to carry out their philanthropic legacy.

Starting a New Charitable Organization

Charitable Organization Exists

E. H. Robinson Consulting, LLC is the tool for people who have the resources and the intent to give, but not the experience or the time.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions are not “structured” to facilitate the related administrative needs of a charitable trust or foundation.

Starting a New Charitable Organization

Charitable Organization Exists

In most cases, these institutions are corporate trustees, specializing in fiduciary and investment management matters. When it comes to the essence of charities, disbursing their funds to carry out their missions, these institutions generally must “go it alone,” without the benefit of expert outside advice or assistance.

Outsourcing the administrative responsibilities is an effective way of handling charitable trusts and foundations. The custody of assets, investment management, and fiduciary decision making remain with your institution. You focus specifically on the investment or money management aspect of the trust or foundation. We focus on the back office work. In other words, you do what you do best, and we do what we do best.

One of the strongest arguments for outsourcing a service to an outside party is that it enables institutions to concentrate on their core competencies. It is important to understand that by outsourcing, an institution works better overall than if it tries to spread itself into areas it does not specialize in.

Giving us the opportunity to serve you will benefit the customers you serve. Your customers will benefit from our experience, track record, stability, flexibility, and innovative attitude. Experience in the world of Foundations and Trusts provide us with a unique awareness of the philanthropic sensitivity toward the donors’ desires.

Our advanced level of expertise will allow your institution to keep up with latest technologies while controlling cost. We will provide you with a more predictable cost structure making service accounts more profitable. Outsourcing removes the difficulty in finding and retaining quality professionals, increasing profits in your trust department.

Please contact us we can be of service to you.

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